Thursday, June 14, 2007

Twilight in the Garden

Mom : "Oh wow. what a lovely summer's evening. Such a nice breeze."

Dad : "Sure is. Just look at these flowers, they seem to be adapting quite well."

Mom : "Very impressive. Didn't think they'd come right so quickly."

Dad : "Yeah, all they needed was a bit of sun. Hey boy, come over here."

Mom : "Come on boy. Oops." (smiling) "Aw shame, he fell over the hose."

Dad :(smile) "He's just starting to get this whole walk thing down. Come here boy. Come to daddy."

Mom : "Come to mommy. Here, do you want a sweetie?"

Mom : "Come on. Here in my hand. Don't you want it...? Some thing's wrong, dear?"

Dad : "What's the matter? Did he hurt himself?"

Mom : "No, it's... when he reached for the sweet. It's like. Uhm. He was about ten centimeters off when he reached for my hand?!"

Dad : "Surely, he shouldn't be struggling with that sort of coordination anymore."

Mom : (waving) "I Don't think it's coordination, dear. I'm waving my hand right in front of his face. He's not responding!"

Dad : "Let me see. Here boy." (waving). "Look at me. Here, look at my hand boy. Don't you see my hand, boy?"

Mom : "What do you think is wrong? He was seeing fine an hour ago?!"

Dad : "I don't know. I really don't know."